Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my taxes go up?

If the value and/or the millage have increased since the prior year, the current tax bill will be higher.

Why did my property value increase?

The Assessor establishes the value of your property. The Collector does not assess property, for assessment information call the Assessor.

Why did my bill go up after I turned 65? I thought my taxes were frozen when I turned 65.

Amendment 79 does place a freeze but only on the assessed value and not on the millage. If the millage goes up, the tax bill goes up. Also, if you make substantial improvements to your property your taxes will go up.

Do I still owe taxes if I sold my home, divorced, or moved out of Lonoke County?

A personal property tax bill is created from anything that was assessed between January 1st and May 31st of the last calendar year. If a couple were married and assessed together but divorced during the year, they are still responsible for the combined tax bill. A real estate tax bill is created from the owner of the record on January 1st. If a property was sold during the year, closing documents will explain the responsibility of the buyer and the seller concerning the tax bill.

Who sets the fee for Fire Districts and Improvement Districts?

The Districts determine the amount to be collected. The Collector has nothing to do with determining the amount of Fire District or Improvement District taxes.

How do I apply for a VA exemption?

According to State Law (ACA §26-3-306), a disabled veteran who is one hundred percent totally and permanently disabled can be exempt from taxes on his/her homestead and personal property.

In order to apply for a VA exemption, a current copy of your Summary of Benefits letter from the VA should be on file in the collector’s office on or before September 1st. The Collector’s office must have a new letter every year. To request a copy of your Summary of Benefits letter, call the Veteran’s Administration office at 1-800-827-1000.

What is the tax collection procedure?

Personal property taxes (cars, boats, trailers, etc.) must be collected before or with real estate taxes. The Collector’s Office will not accept a current payment if you have delinquent taxes. We must collect delinquent first. Real Estate parcels that are “improvements only” (mobile homes, etc.) must be paid with your personal property.

What happens to my real estate if I don’t pay my taxes?

By law, if a parcel is delinquent for 2 years is will be certified to the Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands. If the taxes are not paid within 2 years of being certified to the State, it will be offered for sale at public auction.

If I am one day late past the October 15th deadline, will you forgive the penalties and interest?

We are asked to waive penalties and interest every day. It is the taxpayer responsibility to make sure he/she pays all personal and real estate taxes that he/she is responsible for paying before the deadline. By law the Collector cannot waive penalties and interest.