Important Notices

Tax Notices

  • Current Tax books open March 1st and all taxes are delinquent after October 15th.
  • Arkansas State Law 26-35-601 requires that all personal property taxes be collected with or before real estate taxes.
  • 3 partial payments for current taxes are accepted. Any amount due that remains unpaid after October 15 will become delinquent with penalties.
  • A $375.00 homestead real estate property tax credit is available each year when the tax payer registers with the County Assessor proof of eligibility for the tax credit (501-676-6938).
  • Arkansas State Law enables people who are 65 years of age or older, or who are disabled, to freeze the value of their homestead so long as it is used as their primary place of residence. To see if you are eligible contact the Assessor’s office at 501-676-6938.
  • Lonoke County has a voluntary tax for Soil Conservation for .5 mills and to the Sheriff’s Drug Unit for .75 mills. If you wish to contribute these funds, please pay the “Total with Voluntary” amount.
  • To view Lonoke County Tax Collector’s Personal Property and Real Estate Tax Records, visit
  • It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to notify the collector’s office of a change of address.

Special Taxes Collected

You may be taxed for none, or one or more of the following

  • Timber Tax
  • Fire Districts
  • Scott Fire District
  • South Bend Fire District
  • East Pulaski Fire District
  • Mountain Springs Fire District
  • Tr-Community Fire District
  • Butlerville VFD
Improvement Districts
Drainage #11Plum Bayou IrrigationBayou Meto Water
Drainage #5Plum Bayou Levee# 7 Pleasant Forest
Drainage Indian Bayou #1South Cabot SewerEmerald Hill/Dist 1
Drainage Indian Bayou #2Westport #2Golden Meadows
Drainage #2N Lonoke Co Dev/97-1Mt Ranch Dist. 10
Drainage Bayou MetoOld River Lake Dist